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Cantu Beauty Nurtures Black and Brown Communities from Curl to Toe

Spurred by the effects of the global pandemic and the inequities impacting the Black and Brown communities, Reddish and Cantu knew Black and Latino(a) men and women were in need of support. To help communities overcome the challenges they face, Cantu teamed up with both the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and Gyrl Wonder (GW) to design resources and programs to help people of color thrive.

Cantu Beauty and Gyrl Wonder

Cantu and Gyrl Wonder created a virtual content series catering to the mind, body and emotional wellness of college-aged Black and Latina women, knowing students better excel when prioritizing their holistic health. Each month, Cantu created a program focusing on multiple dimensions of wellness through budget-friendly cooking classes, yoga sessions, and partnering with self-love advocates to support the young women’s physical, psychological and spiritual growth. The partnership kicked-off on International Self-Care Day (July 24th, 2021) and concluded during Emotional Wellness month in October.

Cantu Beauty and UNCF

Together, Cantu and UNCF served an often forgotten student demographic — nontraditional college students (e.g. veterans, parents, and transfer students) — who face unique challenges while completing their college education, primarily stemming from balancing heightened family and financial obligations. Through work-readiness resources, Cantu was able to curate a virtual content series focusing on leadership, health and wellness and time management. Additionally, Cantu donated 15 financial scholarships (valued at $5,000 each), thereby minimizing some of these challenges for nontraditional HBCU students.

The partnership received national media attention, landing in AOL, Yahoo!, Black Enterprise and Essence among other online outlets earning 8.5M+ impressions. Cantu’s partnerships impacted 500+ students and invested a total of $200,000 shared between UNCF and Gyrl Wonder. Cantu’s commitment continues to propel the next generation of Black and Brown leaders forward.