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In 2020, COVID-19 and the resulting shift to stay-at-home culture changed the game for Dr Teal’s, one of the fastest growing personal care and wellness brands in the world. As people everywhere adjusted to remote working, virtual school and new ways of living, so did the demand for at-home self care and wellness rituals. As a result, Dr Teal’s products became a go-to, cost-effective commodity to help people relax and reduce stress.

Dr Teal’s two newest product releases — Essential Oils Shampoo and Conditioner and Witch Hazel Facial Toner — entered the market during the pandemic. The brand was able to launch two digital marketing campaigns to introduce these new products and, with strategic counsel from Reddish, meet consumers where they were: at home.

Reddish led simultaneous hair care and facial toner influencer campaigns heroing Dr Teal’s products as essential items for the mind and body, ultimately driving conversation around the two new SKUs and revealing purchase intent ranging from 18-20 percent for both campaigns.

In support of the launch of each product, Reddish organized campaigns and led the brand in judiciously identifying, securing and managing more than 30 diverse, mid-tier social media influencers who shared key product benefits. Based on the Reddish team’s robust experience in the influencer landscape, Dr Teal’s was able to show up across a variety of influencer archetypes from “mom’s on the move,”  “self care savants” and “influencers making boss moves.”

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As the pandemic continued, many people were unable to keep their regular beauty regimens, such as facials and hair appointments — these Dr Teal’s products filled that gap, with each piece of influencer content showcasing the product as an essential part of at-home self care rituals and part of their “new normal.”

Through a combination of Instagram in-feed photos, videos and stories, both campaigns surpassed key performance metrics. Dr Teal’s hair care influencer campaign secured more than 5.5 million impressions (exceeding KPI by over 10 percent) and an astonishing 11.4 percent average in-feed engagement rate surpassing the brands KPI by over 42 percent!

But, it didn’t stop there. The momentum continued with the facial toner influencer campaign garnering more than 3.6 million impressions, well exceeding the KPI by over 145 percent and garnering 8.7 percent average in-feed engagement rate (exceeding the KPI by 8.7 percent).