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In 2019, Dr Teal’s established the goal of recruiting men to the brand and increasing their usage of the epsom salt soaks.

From our research, we knew that the best way to drive interest among men for a bath product was by elevating the brand’s role as a tool for athletes in muscle recovery and restoration.

So we went to work developing a social media and influencer-led campaign built on that insight and leveraging credible voices who understood the muscle recovery benefits of Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt soaks firsthand — elite NFL athletes.

As the NFL season kicked off, we worked with two NFL athletes who had relevant and impactful stories going into the 2019-20 season: Rams All-Pro Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald, who was recently ranked #1 on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2019 list, and Cowboys legend Jason Witten, who was coming out of retirement to play in his 16th season.

Aarond Donald for Dr. Teals 10_4_19
Jason Witten in Dallas Texas for Dr. Teals 9-24-19
Aarond Donald for Dr. Teals 10_4_19

Through a mix of stills, short-form and longer-form content, we created a robust content series that told the story of the athletes’ full training routines — workout through recovery with Dr Teal’s, reinforcing the brand’s role in faster muscle recovery. The content was strategically supported through media interviews with each athlete, garnering high-profile coverage in USA Today, NFL Total Access and Sirius XM Radio, among others.

And the campaign took off — generating 362 MM earned media impressions and 1.2 MM social media impressions (to date). The campaign has firmly established Dr Teal’s epsom salt soaks as an important part of an athlete’s training regimen and driven consideration among a key new audience.

Earned Media Impressions

362 mm

Social Media Impressions (to date)

1.2 mm

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