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Dry State Release

An exclusive auction for a new bourbon

Kentucky Owl, an award-winning, small batch bourbon maker, was gearing up to bring its story to whiskey fans everywhere, when the pandemic hit with a plummeting demand for luxury goods. Bad news for Kentucky Owl and its signature new bourbon release – Dry State – at $1,000 a bottle. But constraints breed creativity: inspired by the story of Dry State, which pays homage to the 100th anniversary of Prohibition (when the nation went “dry”), we decided to support the hardworking men and women affected by the closing of bars and restaurants across the country. A partnership with Christie’s resulted in an exclusive online auction of the new release during National Bourbon Heritage Month with proceeds directly benefiting the National Restaurant Association’s Employee Advancement Fund. It grabbed the attention of high-end whiskey connoisseurs, collectors and media across the country.


Earned Media Impressions


starting bid as a nod to the year Prohibition went into effect


for the National Restaurant Association’s Employee Advancement Fund